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The present website consists of several main parts accessible by particular links.

The First Part -- which contains the Homepage -- is about the ontological constitution of intrinsic things, i.e. it is about the necessary 'constituents' -- which are themselves not things -- that constitute something into a real, self-contained thing, especially (it is about) the thing's kernel that determines the very what-is-it of the thing, the thing's ESSENCE.
All this belongs to the science of Ontology or the Metaphysics of Being.
In this First Part of the website is was found out that (the) ESSENCE (of a thing or being) can be equated with the dynamical law of the dynamical system that generated that given thing.
ESSENCE is strongly tied up with INDIVIDUALITY, so the latter is investigated, making use of important medieval texts about that subject.
While ESSENCE, and thus the dynamical law, has a more or less implicit way of being, and so constitutes the 'genotypic domain' of the thing, its effects are explicit, and constitute the 'phenotypic domain' of the thing.
One of these effects (of the relevant dynamical law) is (material) STRUCTURE (another is behavior). And it is STRUCTURE to which the rest of the First Part of the website and the whole of the Second Part is devoted, i.e. to the material structure of things having their cause of their what-is-it within them :  intrinsic things. The main representatives of such things are crystals and organisms. And because a main aspect of STRUCTURE is SYMMETRY, the mentioned remainder of the First Part and the whole Second Part of the website investigate the symmetry of organisms and the symmetry of crystals, and set out to establish a general Theory of Structure.
The symmetry of Crystals is studied in the Series on Crystallography (Crystal Systems, Crystal Classes, Internal Structure, etc. First and Second Part of Website), while the symmetry of Organisms is studied in the Series concerning the Promorphological System of Basic Forms (The ideal stereometric basic forms of organisms, Second Part of Website).
In order to understand real crystals and their general structural principles, their two-dimensional counterparts (imaginary 2-dimensional crystals) are studied extensively, revealing much of the mentioned structural principles.
To study SYMMETRY more deeply, an introduction to Group Theory is given. It focusses on symmetry groups, especially those describing the symmetry of plane ornaments, which can be thought of as the mentioned two-dimensional crystals. Discussed are Point Groups (realized in 2- and 3-dimensional Crystals and in Organisms, generally in 2- and 3-dimensional Rosettes), Line Groups (realized as Friezes or Strip Patterns), Plane Groups (realized in Plane Ornaments or 2-dimensional Crystals and in layers of 3-dimensional Crystals) and Space Groups (realized in 3-dimensional Crystals). In addition to isometric symmetry groups, we discuss similarity symmetry groups and conformal symmetry groups, and of all these we discuss antisymmetry and colored symmetry groups that can be derived from them. All this is being applied to the structure of real crystals and organisms. This introduction to Group Theory, its application to the study of symmetry, and its ontological status, are discussed in the Second Part of the Website (Not all of it is yet completed).

While the First and Second Parts of the Website philosophically show a more or less reductionistic attitude, in the Third Part of the Website a holistic world view is investigated. It is investigated whether all things are -- in a sense -- already there, abeit in a wholly implicit way, and unfold into the 'explicate' domain of concrete existence along certain definite lines.

In the Fourth Part of the website the reader will find a general Ontology (general theory of Being).
While in the First and Second Parts of the website the individual being as such was taken as point of departure (theory of beings), resulting in the study of dynamical systems that generate such beings, and in the ontological evaluation of the dynamical law according to which such a system goes its business, etc. etc.,  in the Fourth Part of Website we investigate the World as it is divided into several complexity layers. The higher layers are the result of a jumpy increase in complexity and come to lie on top of the previous layer, resulting in a system of layers. Within this system we looked for principles that determine qualitative contents that can be found within the sequence of layers. Such principles are called categories. They determine in a supra-individual way, i.e. their determination is general, involving many individual beings at once, or even all of them (It is thus a theory of Being, not of beings). Within this approach the individual beings are (themselves also) layered, i.e. the mentioned complexity layers cut across all or many of those beings, resulting for example in the fact that an individual human being is himself a layered being, consisting of four complexity layers, while, say, an individual oak tree consists of only three complexity layers. The ontological significance of the layers and the categories is investigated. The resulting ontology fits in pretty well with the ontology of the philosopher Nicolai HARTMANN.

We'll now give a complete overview of the whole website (as far as it is finished). All the entries presented are given as LINKS in the left frame associated with the relevant Part of Website, and also in the TABLE OF CONTENTS of the first page of each Part of Website.

Complete Table of Contents of the Whole Website

First Part of Website

Non-Classical Series of documents

Classical Series of documents

Critical Series of documents

Special Series of documents

Second Part of Website

Continuation of the Special Series of documents

(Prelude to the) Symmetry of three-dimensional Crystals :  Group Theory  (Second Part of Website) Continuation of the Special Series of documents (Second Part of Website)

Sequel to Group Theory :  Symmetry of Two-dimensional Patterns (Second Part of Website)

Continuation of the Special Series of documents

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SEQUEL TO GROUP THEORY, two-dimensional patterns,

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Actual Structure and Growth of Three-dimensional Crystals

Tectology Series (General Theory of the structure of Organisms)

Basic Forms

Promorphological System  ( System of the Ideal Stereometric Basic Forms of Organisms [and extended to Crystals as well ] )

Basic Forms of the Six Individuality Orders

Basic Forms of Crystals

Theses on Basic Forms

Third Part of Website

a HOLISTIC Philosophy as an Alternative World View  ( LINK to Third Part of Website )

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Holistic Series of documents

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Crystals and the Implicate Order

Further Development of the Theory of the Implicate Order

What will eventually follow is an extensive comparison of the Theory of the Implicate Order with the neoplatonic metaphysics of PLOTINUS (third century), and maybe with the ontological theory of Nicolai HARTMANN.

Fourth Part of Website

General Ontology.  ( LINK to Fourth Part of Website  (General Ontology, a Theory of Metaphysical Layers) can be found in the left frame after LINK to Holistic philosophy)

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All this  c o n c l u d e s  our website (Four Parts) on the theory of Being and Essence, and the Structures of intrinsic things, structures caused by the dynamical law (plus initial conditions) of the dynamical system that has generated the given thing.


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